The Wrath of the Lamb Meditation

They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?” Revelation 6:16,17... next...

Christian Unity: Living in Communion with the Saints (5) An Encouraging Example

The goal of these articles thus far has been to expand our understanding of Christian unity. I also hope that they Thave challenged our own practice of Christian unity. Of course, it is possible that we have been so stretched and tested that... next...

The Exclusive Goal of Christian Education

Introduction At times within the Christian community, a practice can become so common that one begins to lose sight of its basis. The danger of this is that as time passes individuals grow ignorant of why they do what they do. From this... next...

Bible Studies on the Life of Abraham Lesson 9: The Covenant—Part 3 Genesis 17:1–14

In Genesis 17 God identified Himself as the God Almighty (El Shaddai) for the first time. The name appears thirty-one times in the book of Job and seventeen times in the rest of Scripture. Each time it appears, God’s children are going... next...

Bible Studies on the Life of Abraham Lesson 10: As for You . . . Genesis 17:15–27; 18:1–15

The promises that God gave to Abram were for future generations. The promises God gives, however, are not only for some eventual fulfillment; they are for the present as well. After changing Abram’s name to Abraham, God addressed the rest... next...

Psalm Singing in Calvin and the Puritans (2)

This is the second half of a chapter in Sing a New Song, a new book that covers the topics of psalm singing in history, psalm singing in Scripture, and psalm singing and the twenty-first-century church. Among the contributors are W. Robert Godfrey... next...

Report on URCNA Synod 2010

Synod London 2010 made for long days and short nights. Synod began Monday evening with a worship service and prayer for Synod, which was over by 9:30. Breakfast began at 6:45 each morning and the morning sessions at 8:00. On Monday and Tuesday... next...

“Let’s Just Be Friends for Now” A Personal Assessment of the New CanRC-URC Relationship

Often in the world of inter-church relations, the metaphor of courtship and marriage is used. Churches are said to be “getting to know each other,” “courting,” etc., with a view to an eventual union. In our relation with... next...

Some Observations of URCNA Synod 2010

I had the privilege of being a delegate to the 2010 URCNA Synod in London, Ontario. Cornerstone URC is to be commended for providing synod with facilities that were very accommodating to the needs of the delegates and with volunteers that kept... next...

Heritage Reformed Churches Synod 2010 Meetings Summary

The following is a summary of the proceedings of Synod and its related meetings, which took place on April 14 –16, 2010, in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. An Office-bearers’ Conference took place on Wednesday afternoon. Del Deur from... next...
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