Pop Evangelism’s Misuse of Scripture “God loves you...” (3)

After God redeemed Israel from Egypt, he cut a covenant with them at Mount Sinai. The covenant terms were simple: blessings for obedience, curses for disobedience. For almost a thousand years, the people repeatedly violated the covenant. Finally,... next...

URCNA Hymnbook Proposal: Comparing to the Blue Psalter Hymnal

Christians do not believe in change just for the sake of change. We accept change when it is beneficial, but do not make it our goal. We believe in God. He is the eternal unchanging God Who is forever faithful to His Word, to His children and... next...

Latter Day Saints: A Summary and Evaluation of Mormonism (3)

Theology Proper To list all the differences between Mormon theology proper (doctrine of God) and historic Christian theology would be a book in itself. To repeat a few things already stated, Mormonism teaches that there are many gods. Though... next...

Federal Vision: A Canadian Reformed Pastor’s Perspective (2)

Editor’s note: This is the second part of a three-part article. RFI plans to make the entire article available in booklet form after the third part appears in The Outlook. Theonomic Hermeneutics Theonomy was a theological position that... next...

Bavinck the Dogmatician: Bavinck’s Interpretation of the Account of Creation in Genesis (2)

What about the Theories of Modern Natural Sciences? Bavinck’s discussion of the issue of the older Ptolemaic-Aristotelian worldview and its relation to the Christian understanding of the cosmos serves as an occasion for an extended discussion... next...

Nicene Creed

The Nicene Creed as we know it is more accurately called the Nicaeno-Constantinopolitan Creed. This is because the creed we have is a product, by and large, of both the Ecumenical Councils of Nicea (325) and Constantinople (381). I say by and... next...

Bible Studies on Romans (1) Lesson 2: A Pastor’s Desire Romans 1:8–13

Paul begins his letter by creating a bond between himself and the believers in Rome. He praises God for them. That praise comes not because they have sent a large donation to his ministry nor because they have built a huge megachurch. He praises... next...

Bible Studies on Romans Lesson 1: Romans 1:1–7 Introduction

It is with fear and trepidation, and at the same time with great joy and anticipation, that I embark on writing a Bible study on the book of Romans. Fear because the few pages of each lesson will never be able to explain the incredible wealth... next...

RYS Convention 2011: Under Construction

The typical summertime calm of Dordt College’s campus was shattered on July 25 as 813 teens and sponsors flooded the beautiful grounds and overtook the dorms. Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa, was the host site for the 2011 Reformed... next...

RYS 2011 A Student’s Perspective

If you have heard anything about the recent Reformed Youth Services convention at Dordt College, you will not be surprised when I say that I had a fantastic time being a part of it. The RYS convention is not something to attend lightly. I personally... next...
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