The Marks of the Master

“I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.” —Galatians 6:17 If you are at all a people watcher, you will see different people wearing different marks on their bodies. Those marks tell you something about that person. For example,... next...

Effective Group Bible Study

It’s six o’clock Wednesday evening. Your church’s mid-week Bible study starts in one hour, but you don’t feel like going. The trouble is that you can’t think of a fresh excuse, and you don’t dare to say what... next...

The Greatest of Friendships: Developing Friendship with God

Most of my high school classmates signed their yearbook pictures with the letters “A. F. A.” above their signatures. Back then these letters stood for, “A Friend Always.” Most of these messages have proven to be empty... next...

Asaph: A Musician in God’s House

“[David] appointed some of the Levites to minister before the ark of the LORD, to make petition, to give thanks, and to praise the LORD, the God of Israel: Asaph was the chief.” —1 Chronicles 16:4–5a One of the greatest... next...

Bible Studies on Romans Lesson 13: Christ and Adam Romans 5:12–21

The English Puritan Thomas Goodwin wrote, “In God’s sight there are two men—Adam and Jesus Christ—and these two men have all the other men hanging at their girdle strings.” Paul concludes the last half of Romans... next...

Bible Studies on Romans Lesson 14: Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ Romans 6:1–14

After spending three chapters teaching his readers the depth of our sin and another three chapters on how we are reconciled to God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, Paul pens three chapters on the significance that our union with Christ... next...

Grace Beyond Measure

Paul greets the Ephesians with a benediction of grace and peace (Eph. 1:1–2). An outburst of praise then follows (Eph. 1:3–14). What does the apostle want us to know? God has blessed us beyond conception! We have grace beyond measure.... next...

Synod Nyack 2012: From Adolescence to Young Adulthood

Introduction Among the various summer activities the Lord decreed for the year of 2012, the United Reformed Churches of North America (URCNA) found themselves gathering together in Nyack, New York for their eighth synod. It was the author’s... next...

URCNA Synod 2012 Impressions

After giving a thumbnail sketch/report of what happened at Synod this year to our council I was asked if I would be willing to put some of those thoughts down on paper. I will not attempt to summarize every decision made but try to touch on... next...

Report on Synod Nyack of the URC

Synod 2012 of the United Reformed Churches in North America met on the bank of the Hudson River, on the campus of Nyack College in Nyack, New York, on June 11–16. Represented were 191 delegates from 102 churches, along with sixteen fraternal... next...
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