Growing Healthy Children: An Alternative to Provocative Parenting

Mr. and Mrs. Jones walked into the counselor’s room with smug looks on their faces. They almost let the door slam in the face of their early-teenage son Sam and his younger sister Emma. As the family sat down, the parents locked eyes on... next...

2015 RYS Convention

Reformed Youth Services (RYS) might well be regarded as one of best things going for the United Reformed Churches in North America. RYS membership of nearly one hundred churches also includes churches from the Christian Reformed Church, Orthodox... next...

Professing Tweens: Of Worldlings, Hebrews, and Young Christians (2) He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Devils love young people. For breakfast. First thing. Want to make a great start to a devil’s day? Serve him up a tween. He relishes every part of the baptized and raised-to-be-Christian youth. A bicep, a thigh, an eye. Especially their... next...

A Catechism on the Holy Spirit (4): The Work of the Holy Spirit Upon the Church

So far our survey of the Heidelberg Catechism has shown that the Spirit of Christ is central to its structure and content as He is presented as intimately united to Jesus Christ and to the Christian. In light of His work upon the Christian,... next...

The Bible in Hi Def: Learning to Interpret Prophetic Imagery

Ours is an age of stunning multimedia technology. IMAX theaters project images onto a screen so large that we must turn our heads to take it all in. Advanced 3D technology and the advent of hi def has sharpened video images in remarkable ways.... next...

Bible Study on Mark Lesson 15: The Coming of the King Mark 11:1–12:12

When, in AD 70, the emperor Titus marched on Jerusalem with four legions of soldiers he decimated the Jewish population and destroyed the thousand-year-old temple built by King Solomon. Some forty years earlier another King had entered the city.... next...

Bible Study on Mark Lesson 16: Temple Teaching (1) Trick Question Mark 12:13–44

It’s been said that the only bad question is the one we don’t ask. But asking questions can be intimidating. You might wonder if you are the only one who doesn’t know the answer to your question. What if you have to explain... next...

The God of Materialism

Introduction “Today,” writes C. J. Mahaney, “the greatest challenge facing American evangelicals is . . .” How would you finish that statement? What is the church’s biggest obstacle? There are many good answers... next...

Public Relations: A Christian Calling?

In the last issue of The Outlook I wrote, “At what point does a faith that calls us to ‘seek the things that are above’ become irreconcilable with a vocational environment whose chief end is the things of this earth?”... next...

The Girl in the Tower

I was recently tagged in a conversation on Facebook. With the recent turn of events, a mother was looking for good books to prepare her children for persecution. And that’s always a good idea, in both alarming and comfortable times. I... next...
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