Ruth’s Story as Our Story: An Introduction

Introduction For generations the book of Ruth has held a prominent place as one of the Bible’s greatest love stories. Ruth has an attractive “happily-ever-after” quality where a widow’s fortune turns on a dime from death... next...

Ruth as Literature & Some Themes

We are better able to pay attention to the theology of the story of redemption if we recognize that as a story, it is a work of literature. Leland Ryken says, There is a quiet revolution going on in the study of the Bible. At its center is a... next...

Lovers of God Rather Than Lovers of Pleasure A Christian approach to pleasure in an Entertainment Culture 1

We come to the final article of our reflections on pleasure in the Christian’s live. We looked at innocent pleasure that fill us with unstained joy in the first article. In the second we focused on guilty pleasures that leave us feeling... next...

Rev. Johan Tangelder, 1936-2009

The Board of Reformed Fellowship expresses its sympathy to the family of Rev. Johan Tangelder, who passed away on July 24, 2009. Rev. Tangelder began his minister in 1967 at the Christian Reformed Church in Vernon, British Columbia, and served... next...

Looking Above A Series on The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 12:13–17

“The Woman Persecuted” Do you at times grow weak? Does it seem at times that you have no might? Do you grow faint and weary? Do you at times utterly fall? As you wrestle against principalities do you at times grow weak? As you wrestle... next...

Bavinck the Dogmatician: The Doctrine of the Trinity

The last topic Bavinck treats in the doctrine of God before he begins to consider God’s works in creation and redemption is the doctrine of the Trinity. Following the traditional order of topics in the Western theological tradition, Bavinck... next...

Christ and Christians Meditation

Have you ever thought about the origin of the name “Christian?” Acts 11:26 tells us that this was something the followers of Jesus were called from a very early time in the church’s new covenant history, but what is the significance... next...

Defending the Faith: Calvinism and Rationalism (Reprinted from the September 1959 issue of The Torch and Trumpet.)

The Concordia Publishing House of Saint Louis, Missouri, is currently publishing a translation of the late Francis Pieper’s book on Christ-liche Dogmatik, or, translated, Christian Dogmatics. There are to be three volumes. Two of them... next...

Protestantism After Christendom

In the introduction to their best-selling book, Resident Aliens, Stanley Hauerwas and William Willimon identified the end of Christendom in America. It happened on a Sunday evening in the summer of 1963 when a movie theater in Greenville, South... next...
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