I Have Found the Book

“And Hilkiah answered and said to Shaphan the scribe, ‘I have found the book of the law in the house of the Lord.’ And Hilkiah delivered the book to Shaphan.” (II Chronicles 34:15) One of the most godless kings ever to... next...

What is Reformed Worship? (V) It is Reverential

As Reformed Christians we have historically been those who seek to worship the God of Scripture in a scriptural way by doing what He commands. Since Biblical religion is theocentric and not anthropocentric, worship is about what God wills for... next...

The Ninth Plague: Judgment Through Darkness

Exodus 10:21–29 The ninth plague was the last plague in the third series of plagues. It arrived without any warning just as the third and the sixth plagues. The last plague in each series of plagues followed this same pattern: there was... next...

Bible Studies on Joseph and Judah Lesson 3: Judah Begins to Live in Canaan

Read Genesis 38:1-11 Introduction It is puzzling perhaps to have this chapter placed in the Bible where it is. Genesis 37 ends with Joseph being sold to Potiphar, and Genesis 39:1 resumes the story account of Joseph. Yet the very fact that Genesis... next...

Looking Above A Series on the Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 10 The Mighty Angel and the Little Book

Is the Gospel good news to you? Or is it merely news? If the Gospel of Jesus Christ is mere news to you, then you do well to consider that which the six trumpets of Revelation 8 and 9 set before you. The first four trumpets belong together.... next...

Paedocommunion: Concluding Observations (Part Two)

Though I have largely concluded my assessment of the biblical evidence for paedocommunion, I believe it is important to return once more to the principal assumption that underlies much of the contemporary advocacy of this practice in Reformed... next...

Reformed Youth Services Convention in California

The Young Peoples’ Point of View Written by: Emily Yonker, Sarah & Rachel DeBoer The RYS Summer convention crew picked an absolutely spectacular place for convention this year: Concordia University, California. It was a wonderful time... next...

Christian Renewal Celebrates Twenty-five Years of Publication

Christian Renewal began on October 11, 1982 with a five team editor board consisting of J. D. Hellinga, J. B. Hulst, T. Plantinga, J. Tuininga, and H. Vander Goot. The current editor, John Van Dyke, came on board in 1984 and gradually was granted... next...
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