“T” is for Treasure

The first soccer practice of the season had just ended. The moms were lined up in an assortment of vans and other family vehicles, eager to see how their sons had fared. “So how did practice go?” my friend Emily asked her nearly... next...

Battles for the Mind

Any discussion about The Christian Mind needs to focus on the role of the media in the lives of Christian young people. This demands that we examine the role of TV, and of the music our youth listen to — the music which motivates and directs... next...

Liberal Clergy and the Lewinsky Affair

The guest on the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s CNN television show August 22 was Rev. Jerry Falwell. Jackson,who regularly bashed Presidents Reagan and Bush for their foreign and domestic policies, and Falwell, who defended those Republican presidents,... next...

Feed My Lambs

This issue marks the beginning of a new column entitled Feed My Lambs, written by Mrs. Laurie VandenHeuvel. Although the word “lambs” is commonly understood to mean little children, this column is for all ages because all believers... next...

Reformed Liturgy

Question: What is the proper way to worship God with decency and order? Answer: The way to worship with decency and order is to follow the pattern of God’s covenant of grace where He tells us that He is our God and we respond that we... next...

Bible Studies on Genesis 1–11 Lesson 5: Made for Man

READ GENESIS 1:29–2:3 The crowning moment in the creation week is reached when the sovereign God and King of all makes man in His image. On the sixth day God creates man, blessing him in such a way that he will be able to be fruitful and... next...

Bible Studies on Genesis 1–11 Lesson 6: Placed in the Paradise God Planted

READ GENESIS 2:4–17 In the previous lessons we have briefly explored the various parts of the creation that God made on the several days of the creation week. The creation of mankind crowns God’s masterful work, and God concludes... next...

John Murray

Although I never met John Murray, his influence was still palpable at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia when I joined the faculty there in the fall of 1974. Stories about Mr. Murray (he was always Mr. Murray!) still circulated regularly among... next...

Speaking Out Against Atrocities

The Manhattan Theatre Club has never turned down a play due to content and they aren’t about to do so now even with the threat of violence hanging over them like a curtain about to be lowered. The ballyhoo is over the production of a drama... next...

Abraham Kuyper – His Life and Legacy Part Two: Abraham Kuyper – Advocate of a Christian Worldview (1)

INTRODUCTION At the close of my previous article sketching the life of Abraham Kuyper, I suggested that the key to an interpretation of his labors lies in what Kuyper called the “life system” of Calvinism.1 Kuyper’s engagement... next...
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