The Ark of the Covenant Meditation

You shall put into the ark the testimony which I shall give you. Exodus 25:16 This month we return to the furniture in the tabernacle. We step with special reverence and holy awe beyond the Veil. We move beyond the curtain that separates the... next...

The Faithfulness of God

Although Psalm 89 is in the genre of “laments,” it nonetheless reveals much about God’s steadfast love to a needy, sinful people. In this Psalm, the Lord takes great care to show how He will not abandon His people. He shows... next...

John Calvin, Practical Theologian: The Reformer’s Spirituality

Introduction In the sixteenth century the terms piety and spirituality were not synonyms, and piety was the preferred term among Protestants because they associated spirituality with Roman Catholic mysticism, as exemplified in Bernard of Clairvaux... next...

Bible Studies on the Book of Judges Lesson 20: Judges 20–21

We have arrived at the last section in the book of Judges. In chapter 19, we reached an all-time low in Israel’s history with the horrible sins of the Gibeonites, who were of the tribe of Benjamin. These last two chapters, which tell us... next...

Lovers of God Rather Than Lovers of Pleasure (1) A Christian approach to pleasure in an Entertainment Culture

In 2 Timothy 3 the apostle Paul gives us a description of the times in which we live, the “last days,” the days between the first and second coming of Christ. He ends the list of descriptive words with these words “lovers of... next...

A Cry for the Cry Room

Over the past several years, I have heard some humorous names used for the cry room in our church building, names such as, “the penalty box,” “romper room,” and “the torture chamber.” My favorite, however,... next...

A Series on Looking Above The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 12:6

The Church in the Wilderness Revelation 12–14 opens our eyes to the battle in which we are presently engaged. It is that battle described by the Apostle Paul in the sixth chapter of his letter to the Ephesians, “We do not wrestle... next...

When Ordinary is Exceptional

Reformed Protestants have a public relations problem. In their churches and worship services they lack pizzazz. In fact, the chief attributes of Reformed worship—decency and order—are lousy for appealing to seekers who want a faith... next...

It’s Decision Time, Finally A Path Forward for the Christian Reformed Church on the Divided Issue of Women’s Ordination to Ecclesiastical Office

Throughout life there are many times when two people or two parties will have differing opinions about a certain issue. In a democratic society this fact is all the more highlighted because debates are hotly contested and then after a vote,... next...
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