The Lie of the Antichrist

“Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist—he denies the Father and the Son.” — 1 John 2:22 Who is this child whose birth we celebrate this month? Who is Jesus Christ?... next...

Blessing the Lord on a Full Stomach: Learning What It Means to Never Forget

Sometimes epochal events in history can infuse ordinary words with new meaning. Take, for example, two words that have become ubiquitous on bumper stickers, shirts, hats, and other memorabilia over the last ten years: “never forget.”... next...

The Bond between the Christian and Christ’s Church (6), Article 28

“And that this may be the more effectually observed, it is the duty of all believers, according to the Word of God, to separate themselves from all who do not belong to the Church, and to join themselves to this congregation wheresoever... next...

Bible Studies on Romans Lesson 28: Christian Love Romans 12:9–21

How do you know an apple tree is an apple tree? It seems like a silly question to ask. The answer is, obviously, because it produces apples. You see the result: apples on its branches. But what if someone were to tie some apples to a pear tree?... next...

Bible Studies on Romans Lesson 29: Government, God’s Gift Romans 13:1–7

Most commentaries on Romans 13 delve into the question of why Paul would suddenly enter into a discussion on civil government. Several commentators believe the opening verses of this chapter reflect Paul’s desire to visit Rome and his... next...

Be Mentored! The Next Generation

Past generations had heroes—in part because there were more heroes to be had. This was back in the day when astronauts walked the earth (and moon!), when baseball players stayed married to one woman (most of the time), and when being a... next...

The North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council (NAPARC)

Having made an introduction of NAPARC, we will now begin introducing in alphabetical order the member churches of NAPARC. Since the first member church we will consider is a Presbyterian church, we want to explain some distinctions. Although... next...

How the Binumarien People of New Guinea Discovered Jesus Is Real

The Word of God has a way of transforming people’s lives because it connects them with the reality of the God who created them and who acts in history and with Jesus Christ, our Savior. One dramatic story of a people being transformed... next...

Classis Michigan of the United Reformed Churches of the United Reformed Churches

Congregations, On October 8, 2013, the forty-first meeting of Classis Michigan was hosted by Sovereign Grace URC and held in the facilities of Dutton URC. Twenty-four delegates from the twelve area URC churches joined fraternal delegates Rev.... next...

Bavinck the Dogmatician: The Nature and Punishment of Sin (4)

Sin and Its Consequences After offering a broad overview of the necessary connection between God’s justice and the punishment of sin in history through the instrument of judicial authority, Bavinck identifies more specifically the particular... next...
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