It is Right to Give Thanks A Thanksgiving Meditation on the Eucharist

Have you ever had an “Aha! Moment”? I do not mean one of those times where something you had been struggling to understand suddenly became clear. That is sometimes what we mean when we say “Aha! Moment.” No, I mean when... next...

Thanksgiving in Believing Israel and Idolatrous China

The religion of Israel was very different from its neighbors. The other nations had gods they could see. God’s people were often tempted to follow the gods of their neighbors. They could be drawn into the ways of false worship and away... next...

The Virgin Mary (I) Mariolatry: The Great Divide

In our secular age, with its opposition to anything Christian, contemporary evangelicals and churches of the Reformation have much in common with the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). We often find ourselves on the same side of the debates that take... next...

Looking Above A Series on the Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 5:5 “Elders: Able to Teach”

In his ground-breaking book, With A Shepherd’s Heart, John Sittema writes the following concerning the state of elders in the church: “Elders today are usually committee members who attend meetings, vote the mind of their constituency,... next...

Paedocommunion in Church History (Part 1)

In my introductory article on the subject of paedocommunion, I noted that there are four typical arguments that are advanced for this practice. The first of these arguments is an appeal to the historic practice of the church. According to those... next...

Theological College Evening 2005 of the Canadian Reformed Churches

On a beautiful September evening, they came from far and near to Hamilton, Ontario, to celebrate the College Evening, which includes the annual convocation for the Theological College of the Canadian Reformed Churches. The auditorium of Redeemer... next...

2005 RYS National Youth Convention

From the Director The “Show Me” state was the site of the fifth annual Reformed Youth Services national youth convention held July 25-29 at Evangel University in Springfield. With gratitude to God, the RYS Board is pleased to announce... next...

Jacobus Koelman

This is a brief history of another representative of the Nadere Reformatie. Jacobus Koelman was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1632. He became a student at the University of Utrecht, which was founded only four years after his birth. He... next...

Book Reviews

Hanko, Ronald. Doctrine According to Godliness: A Primer of Reformed Doctrine. Grandville, MI: Reformed Free Publishing Association, 2004. xiii, 338 pp., including index. $28.95, hardback. This is a book for every home! It is a book of answers... next...
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