Thanksgiving Anyway

There was trouble in Judah and Jerusalem. The people of Israel had split into two countries. Jeroboam was king of the northern ten tribes and Rehoboam was king of the southern two tribes including the capital city of Jerusalem. We read in II... next...

Missions to Muslims in the 21st Century

As we approach the Third Millennium, we need a new vision of world missions based on the solid foundation of the Word of God coupled with a realistic description of our times. We are living in a new era of world history. In the early days of... next...

Can We Combat Apostasy?

The year was 1939, and the Spanish Civil War was almost over. Just outside Madrid, the rebel general Mola was ready to begin his attack. Someone asked which of his four columns of troops would be the first to enter the city. “The fifth,”... next...

A Fragrance of Life This Child Never Forgot

The strong pungent flavor of the vanilla available just across the border from our San Diego home was a treat I enjoyed during our years living there. Somehow it seemed my cookies had so much more flavor when I added that Mexican Vanilla. So,... next...

Christians Must Speak Out

Bill Clinton may be the lightening rod but he isn’t the issue. Whether you know it or not, you, your family, this community and our nation are right in the middle of a cultural war. The battle has little to do with the president’s... next...

Bible Studies on Genesis 1–11 Lesson Lesson 7: Partners in God’s Kingdom

READ GENESIS 2:18–25 Very good but yet “not good” Genesis 1:31 says that when God surveyed all that He had made, He judged that it was very good. There were no moral or spiritual flaws in His handiwork. Everything that He had... next...

Bible Studies on Genesis 1–11 Lesson Lesson 8: Covenant Rebellion in the Creation-Kingdom

READ GENESIS 3:1–7 The first two chapters of Genesis confront us with beautiful realities about God the Creator, about the power of His Word, and His loving devotion to the crown of His handiwork, namely, mankind. There is not a hint of... next...

Lying Under Oath: Past and Present

Quietly and without public comment the House Judiciary Committee is preparing for possible impeachment hearings against President Clinton. Defenders of the president claim that even if he lied under oath and in fact did have a sexual relationship... next...

The Edict of Nantes and the French Reformation

Modem France is dominated religiously by skepticism or Roman Catholicism. As one scholar put it. all modern Frenchmen seem to be followers of either Descartes or Pascal. But four hundred years ago France was experiencing a powerful reformation... next...

Giving Real Priority to the Local Eldership

A personal note: Since this is the first time I’ve written this column in about a year, I’d like to say “thanks” to the many friends and readers of Outlook who expressed their loving support and Christian sympathy to... next...
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