God’s Drunken Men

Some, however, made fun of them and said, “They have had too much wine.” —Acts 2:13 If we would search throughout all of history we would not find anywhere people more sane, more responsible than these disciples. And yet,... next...

How to Evade the Worship Wars

“The worship wars.” The very term sends shivers down many a church member’s spine. Although the phrase was probably coined with tongue in cheek, “war” is too often an apt description for the grim struggle many congregations... next...

Neighbor Love

Spring is a great season. It cries out, “Get up and get out!” The tulips lead by example with their undaunted determination to press through the cold earth to embrace the warm sun. Soon enough, we will bravely follow suit by packing... next...

The Forgotten Holy Day

n Canada, as well as in the United States, we like to bunch our holidays together. We like to get them as close to Sunday as we can so that we can have a long weekend every month. North of the border we may not even remember what the occasion... next...

The Angel of the Lord (5)

urning, finally, to the book of Zechariah we find the angel of the Lord mentioned in several instances. In Zechariah 1, the prophet had a vision in which an angel explained the meaning of what he had seen. An interesting detail is added, however,... next...

A Catechism on the Holy Spirit (2) The Work of the Holy Spirit Upon Jesus Christ

Because the Heidelberg Catechism describes the connection of the Holy Spirit with Jesus Christ as being “his [Christ’s] Holy Spirit” (Q&A 1), we would expect there to be an intimate relationship between these two persons of... next...

Bible Study on Mark Lesson 11: Pharisaism and Discipleship Mark 8:1–38

hat does it mean to be a Christian? If you asked this question of an average group of people you would get a number of different answers. “It means going to church. It means believing in God. It means belonging to a religious tradition.”... next...

Bible Study on Mark Lesson 12: The Transfiguration, Faith, and Unbelief Mark 9:1–29

On January 3, 2010, newscaster Brit Hume made a public appeal to golfer Tiger Woods to “turn to the Christian faith.” In response, columnist Tom Shales spitefully compared Hume with “Mary Poppins on the joys of a tidy room,... next...

What to Look for in a Future Wife

There are many things we pray about as your parents. The most important and the most urgent is that you would rest in the finished work of Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins. We pray this daily and won’t stop until God answers. But... next...

The Reformed Movement in Latin America (1)

I was pleased to be asked to give an overview and report of some aspects of the Reformed movement in Latin America. My wife, Aletha, and I, together with our four children, have lived for more than thirty years in Costa Rica. During this time... next...
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