The Way, the Truth, and the Life

It was the night before the Passover Feast, an evening in which every Jewish family commemorated the exodus from Egypt. It was a time when gaiety, laughter, and thankfulness prevailed. Such was not the case, however, in the upper room where... next...

Baptism: The Debate Behind the Debate

One of the reasons why baptism is such a difficult issue has to doe with the fact that there is a debate behind the debate. Often baptism is discussed without a proper understanding of this debate behind the debate. The issue of baptism is more... next...

We Confess An Exposition & Application of the Belgic Confession Article 33: Of the Sacraments

The Church of Christ is known by three distinguishing marks: the pure preaching of the Gospel, the pure administration of the sacraments, and the exercise of church discipline (Belgic Confession, Article 29). When she practices these three,... next...

Celebrating the Lord’s Day (2)

A great deal of ink has been spilled discussing what Jesus and Paul taught about the Sabbath. If Jesus has fulfilled the law, why not abolish the Sabbath? And didn’t the apostle Paul teach that we are no longer bound by the law? Jesus... next...

Looking Above A Series on The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 6:9-11 The Souls Under the Altar

What did you expect? Did you think Christianity would be a life of ease? Did you think it would be a walk in the park? Did you think this vile world would be a friend to grace? Did you think this world would help you on to God? What did you... next...

Press Release of the meeting of the combined committees of the Canadian Reformed and United Reformed Churches to propose a common church order held March 13-16, 2006 at the United Reformed Church of Dutton, Michigan

Present were Dr. Nelson Kloosterman, Rev. William Pols, Rev. Ronald Scheuers, and Rev. Raymond Sikkema representing the United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA), and Dr. Gijsbert Nederveen, Mr. Gerard J. Nordeman, Rev. John VanWoudenberg... next...

The Importance of the Ascension of Jesus

In many of our churches, if not all, the attendance at the Ascension Day Service has become rather slim. It certainly is not what it should be. With the possible exception of Prayer Day, the Congregation is smaller on Ascension Day than on any... next...
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