The Westminster Confession of Faith In History

The Westminster Assembly Divines was convened in 1643 after years of tension between Charles I and his increasingly Puritan Parliament. Meeting under the chairmanship of the learned William Twisse against the king’s express wishes, the... next...

Music: the Problem of Form and Content

Dr. Henry Bruinsma was professor of music at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Many of his harmonizations of psalm tunes can be found in the Psalter Hymnal of the Christian Reformed Church. His wife, Grace Hekman Bruinsma, was Dean of... next...

Relativism vs. Absolutism

The November election turned out to be far more than a political tug-ofwar. It was a fierce struggle between two conflicting world and life views: relativism versus the rule of law of absolutism. It was a clash between a philosophy that says... next...

Is the Psalter “Out of Date”?

Laurie Vanden Heuvel began writing for The Outlook in February, 1968 with her article, “Sing To the Glory of God” (later published in pamphlet form and distributed widely). In 1969, her two articles entitled, “ls the Psalter... next...

The Promise of the Future

This is the Forward by Sinclair Ferguson for the newly published book of Dr. Comelis P. Venema. It is a pleasure to introduce Comelis Venema's exceptional book, The Promise of the Future. Dr Venema is Professor Doctrinal Studies at MidAmerica... next...

Needed a Consistent Witness

Dr. Van Til, affectionately called "Oom Kees" [Uncle Case] by students and friends, was a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and a frequent contributor to the Torch and Trumpet in its earliest years. For 43 years he served as professor... next...

What We Believe: Decreasing God So As to Increase Ourselves – A Critical Review of Gregory A. Boyd’s God of the possible (Part II)

In a previous article in The Outlook, I summarized the argument of Boyd’s God ofthe Possible. Written for a popular audience, Boyd’s study presents a case for what has come to be known as the “open view” of God. Contrary... next...

In Spirit & Truth: Calvin, Bosec and the Reformation

In the article last month, we witnessed a strong confrontation between John Calvin and Jerome Bolsec over the doctrine of predestination. That controversy provides a remarkable window on the character and meaning of the Reformation. The modern... next...

The Shepherd’s Staff: Confidential Resources and Needs Assessment

Recently, the deacons of the church I serve asked me to help them develop an assessment tool, an interview document to help them determine both the resources that people have at their disposal, and the needs they have. Part ofthe document would... next...
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