Every Mouth Stopped

We need to know the law of God if we would claim to know the grace of God. We need to know what God demands of us. The conclusion of knowing what God demands of us is understanding that we are sinners. We need to know that because we are sinners... next...

Justification by Faith In the Theology of Norman Shepherd

Reformed Christians have been perennially engaged in defending the doctrine of justification by faith alone against its detractors in other theological traditions. At times, however, debates over the doctrine have raged even within Reformed... next...

John Calvin and Christian Piety (1)

Many writers who reflect on the life of John Calvin are quick to criticize him and his later followers for their spiritual apathy, even coldness. These writers associate the Pastor of Geneva with a cold theology and a steely mind; rarely is... next...

Rev. Paul Murphy in New York City

On Friday, January 31, 2003, Rev. Paul T. Murphy was installed as associate Pastor of West Sayville Reformed Bible Church (URCNA). Rev. Murphy, along with his wife, Julie, and their children Shannon, Joshua, Joel, Peter,Abigail will have their... next...

Legalism: The Perennial Heresy

The recent, intense media coverage of Islam has provided a reminder of the power and grip that legalism holds upon the human mind. It is a perennial view that we must keep the divine law and thereby earn heaven by human merit. Five centuries... next...

Sound Bites The Outlook – 1971

January 1971 “We need make no apology for our avowed intention to continue to engage in controversial writing as the need arises. The church on earth, in as far as it is a true church, is militant and not yet triumphant, always in tension,... next...

Evaluating the New Perspective on Paul (1) Scripture, Confession, and Historical Reconstruction

Any evaluation of the new perspective on Paul faces a number of daunting challenges. Since a considerable part of the argument for a new approach to the teaching of the apostle Paul rests upon E. P. Sanders’ historical reconstruction of... next...

Our Shameless Culture

Our Western culture still exists, but as a tottering ruin. Its structures are radically criticized, and many of its traditions rejected. Michael Lind’s rant illustrates my claim. He argues that the Judeo-Christian tradition has contributed... next...
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