Establishing Leaders

This time of year many churches go through the process of selecting and installing office-bearers to their respective roles as elders and deacons. As we reflect on the importance of the role of office-bearers in the church, we should turn our... next...

The First Wedding: A Copy of the Last Wedding

Who planned the first wedding? As we read the Bible, we note that the narrative follows the history of God’s work in the creation from the beginning (Genesis 1:1) until Christ’s second coming (Revelation 22:21). For this reason,... next...

We Confess An Exposition & Application of the Belgic Confession Article 24-25: Of Sanctification and of Good Works & Of the Abrogation of the Ceremonial Law and the Agreement of the Old and New Testaments

As we mentioned in our study of the Belgic Confession’s articles on justification, our Lord Jesus Christ won for us two great benefits (what the Reformer’s called the duplex beneficium), justification (arts. 2223) and sanctification... next...

Awe and Accessibility

Within North American Evangelicalism there has developed over the past several years a false dichotomy between awe and accessibility in worship. Although many congregations are unaware of this “either-or” mentality, it is far too... next...

Looking Above A Series on the Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 4:4-6a “The Throne, Fire, and a Sea of Glass”

As we move to Revelation 4:5-6a, we find movement in the text itself. Here we move from the throne of God to the seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, only to move from the seven lamps of fire to the sea of glass that is before the... next...

A Brief History of the Church: Part Three: The Reformed Church in America

After a long and hazardous journey in crossing the Atlantic Ocean, our forefathers landed on these American shores. They came with the history of the Reformation and the experience of persecution as their background. They came with but one purpose... next...

The Connection Between Auburn Avenue, Norman Shepherd, and the New Perspective on Paul

Though there are many theological issues involved in this modern controversy, there is none more important or central than that of justification. While the three names/groups mentioned above have many things in common (as well as many things... next...

P&R Publishing Celebrates 75 Years in Christian Publishing

Founded in 1930 to publish a magazine, P&R Publishing Company will celebrate its 75th anniversary year, in part, by publishing about forty new books. The company’s magazine was established, according to founder Samuel G. Craig, “to... next...
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