Synodical Prayer Service: Ministry in Terrible Times (2 Timothy 3)

Introduction “But mark this,” writes Paul. “There will be terrible times in the last days” (2 Tim. 3:1). On the face of it, you would say this does not apply to us because our modern technological world has nothing in... next...

Must We Really Worship Twice on Sunday?

The psalmist exclaims in Psalm 84:1: “How lovely is your tabernacle, O Lord of hosts.” The word tabernacle means dwelling place. The tabernacle was the place that God chose to come down and meet with his people in the wilderness.... next...

Sunday Evening Worship: What You Miss When You Miss

Fewer and fewer churches have an evening service these days. And in those that do, attendance is almost always better in the morning. Why is that? That’s obviously a huge question with lots of answers. Some have dropped the evening service... next...

Bible Study on Mark Lesson 1: Introduction to Mark’s Gospel Mark 1:1

A few years ago I was about to preach for the first time in a certain church. As I began to arrange my papers and books I noticed a sign on the top of the pulpit. It was a quotation from John 12:21 in which it is recorded that certain Greeks... next...

Bible Study on Mark Lesson 1: Preparation for Ministry Mark 1:1-13

Someone has said, “Preparation is half the battle.” How often do plans fail for lack of preparedness? How often are we like the young man I once observed speaking with the manager of a gas station about getting a job? He was wearing... next...

The Trouble with Ministers (1)

Many young men recently graduated from seminary and are awaiting a call. How many of them, do you suppose, want to be removed from their ministry by means of discipline or because they cannot get along with their elders and congregations? I... next...

Profiting from Preaching: Learning to Truly Hear God

It is a few hours after church on Sunday. The phone rings. An excited voice on the other line announces: “You’ve been selected to win a million dollars. All you have to do is think about this morning’s sermon and tell me the... next...

Three Pitfalls to Preaching

Humor, idealism, and sanctified imagination are three rhetorical tools that most preachers make use of at one time or another. We will explore why they should be avoided. Humor in the pulpit rarely serves the intended purpose of illustrating... next...

Address to Synod Visalia

Esteemed Brothers in the Church of Christ: It truly is an honor and privilege that I may once again be present in your midst and address you as General Synod of the URCNA. The fact that I can address you in your broadest assembly with all your... next...

A Review of the URCNA Synod 2014, Visalia, CA

Trinity United Reformed Church of Visalia, California, served as the convening consistory and host church for the United Reformed Churches in North America’s ninth meeting of the Synod. The pleasant surroundings of this central valley... next...
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