The Last Millennium: A Building Block for the Future

The secular fascination with the year 2000 is a marvel. This date is an utterly arbitrary human invention unless one is a Christian! Only Christians really believe that jesus Christ is the central and pivotal point of human history. Only Christians... next...

PIease, Just Listen!

Upon invitation I attended a Safe group meeting, not to speak but to listen. To go somewhere just to listen is not so easy for a preacher. Preachers tend to speak. But I was invited to listen. Listen, I did—listened and learned, and was... next...

The Good and the Bad Get Ugly

The New Jersey Supreme Court’s ruling that the Boy Scouts must admit homosexuals because scouting is a public entity, like police and fire departments, is flawed on legal and moral grounds. Chief Justice Deborah Poritz dismissed assertions... next...

Does Your Life Advertise Christ?

I have never met a believer who was saved by simply watching someone’s life. To be saved, men must hear and believe the verbal testimony about Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word... next...

Making Faces

Resolutely Karen opened the door to the morgue. As private investigator it was her job to have a look at the bodies of murdered clients. This case boggled her. She had not been aware of any threats against Howard’s life. That made her... next...

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Studies in the Book of Revelation – #15 Locusts Out of the Abyss

Revelation 9:1–12 Once when I was about nine, I insisted on accompanying my parents to hear a Dutch professor speak. He was to lecture on the last things. All I really wanted was to escape an early bedtime. After appropriate devotions... next...

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Studies in the Book of Revelation – #16 The War Which Engulfs the World

Revelation 9:12–21 The first “woe” has passed in visionary form! Now we are to learn about the second. It is a war the like of which has never been described on the pages of history. War, of course, has been endemic since the... next...

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Studies in the Book of Revelation – #17 The Angel With the Little Scroll

Revelation 10:1–11 With the apostle we have stood at the boundary between time and eternity. The fifth and sixth trumpets have sounded. Now we think ourselves prepared to learn about the final judgment. Surely sin can not sink to any lower... next...

Why the Double Standard?

By the time you read this the September 1999 headlines of the terrible massacre at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth Texas, will be old news. Nevertheless seven Christians are dead. Gunman Larry Ashbrook shouted profanity and mocked the... next...

The Art of Living Well

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” Psalm 111:10a Decisions. Every day of your life, you’re faced with many of them. Small decisions about whether to buy CocaCola or the cheaper no-name brand. Big decisions about... next...
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