Habakkuk’s Challenge

Habakkuk is a minor prophet with whom we are not all that familiar. In fact, I dare say most readers would have difficulty finding the Book of Habakkuk in the Bible. Having trouble with Habakkuk, however, puts the reader in the same category... next...

The Ten Plagues: An Introduction to the Conflict

In the eleven issues of 2007, we present a study of the ten plagues of the great exodus. We will see how the conflict that began in Genesis 3:15 extends to the book of Exodus. Genesis 3:15 is prophetic. As the divine Prophet, God is describing... next...

Looking Above A Series on The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 7:15-17 “His Tabernacle Over Them”

“Who is able to stand?” That is the question with which Revelation 6 ends--a most fitting question in response to the opening of the sixth seal. Recall the scene of the opening of the sixth seal and understand the necessity of the... next...

Bible Studies on Jacob Lesson 9: The Lord Directs Jacob to Leave Laban

Read Genesis 31:1–55 Introduction Jacob has been disadvantaged by Uncle Laban on several counts: he tricked Jacob at the time of the marriage so that Laban is able to get both daughters married to Jacob, and he gets fourteen years of... next...

Bible Studies on Jacob Lesson 10: Jacob Prepares to Meet his Brother Esau

Read Genesis 32:1–21 Introduction One crisis with Laban has been averted; another looms ahead for Jacob with Esau. A covenant seals the deal between Jacob and Laban so that there may be peace between them and their descendants. “Good... next...

The Holiness of God

The church today often speaks of God as just a big daddy who is there to love us and take care of all our hurts. We can climb into his arms and get a big hug when we are feeling sad. While this is nice to think about, it is hardly the way Isaiah... next...

Reformed Youth Services National Convention 2006 Review and a 2007 Preview

Returning to the site of former conventions from the 1990s, this summer’s RYS national convention was held at Covenant College on scenic Lookout Mountain, Georgia. More than 600 young people, sponsors, speakers and staff attended the weeklong... next...
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