Calvinism in the Marketplace

“For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men, instructing (disciplining) us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and the... next...

The Church as Worshiping Community

Question: What does worship do for the church? Answer: Unto this catholic visible church, Christ has given the ministry, oracles, and ordinances of God, for the gathering and perfecting of the saints, in this life, to the end of the world: and... next...

Supreme Court Upholds Freedom of School Choice

While shellshocked House Republicans wonder what became of their “revolution,” the Supreme Court has allowed the real revolution to proceed. By a vote of 8-1, the Court refused to block Wisconsin’s program that allows poor... next...

Euthanasia – Grandpa is Dead

I had gone to visit Grandpa in Groningen, Holland, for the last time before coming to the United States to study in January, 1996. He was in a nursing home be-cause of a stroke years earlier, but he still played excitedly in a chess club, often... next...

Bible Studies on Genesis 1–11 – Lesson 11: Degeneration in the Generations

READ GENESIS 4 As part of the punishment of the LORD God, expulsion from the Garden of Eden is the result of Adam and Eve’s rebellion. But in the judgment of God, there will be a “seed of the woman” that will crush the serpent’s... next...

Bible Studies on Genesis 1–11 – Lesson 12: Death’s Reign from Adam to Noah

READ GENESIS 5:1–6:8; ROMANS 5:12–21 The account (“generations”) of the heavens and the earth was covered in Genesis 2:4–4:26. It recorded God’s perfect creation and His placing there of a perfect working... next...

Localism and the Elder, Round 2

Recently I wrote a column emphasizing the importance of the local church in the kingdom of God. I stressed local initiatives, bemoaned creeping bureaucracies, and lamented a de~ nominationalism that seems to appear wherever I look. I argued... next...

Abraham Kuyper – His Life and Legacy Part Three: Answering Critisms of his Worldview (1)

INTRODUCTION Now that we have provided a summary of some of the more distinctive features of Kuyper’s worldview, a few common criticisms of Kuyper’s position need to be considered. Not only during his lifetime, but also in terms... next...

John Murray: Man of Prayer (II)

PRAYER ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE John Murray’s practice of prayer was the outpouring of his devotion to the Triune God revealed in Scripture. The language of his prayer was the language of Scripture, for his prayer reflected what God says... next...

Book Brief – Women in the Service of Christ

Women in the Service of Christ by Norman Shepherd. Published by the Reformed Fellowship, Inc., 36 pages, $2.00 plus postage. Reviewed by Harlan Vanden Einde. The question of the propriety of allowing women to occupy all of the ordained offices... next...
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