In April ofthis year, 2001, the Outlook will commemorate its 50th year of publication. It began as the Torch and Trumpet and retained that name for many years. Its circulation was most active in the Christian Reformed Church. In this issue as... next...

John Calvin and Church Music

Dr. Henry Bruinsma was professor of music at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Many of his harmonizations of psalm tunes can be found in the Psalter Hymnal of the Christian Reformed Church. His wife, Grace Hekman Bruinsma, was Dean of... next...

A Glorious Mystery Revealed to the Gentiles: Christ in You

This is the second morning devotional Pastor Buys delivered at the World Reformed Fellowship Conference. To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.... next...

The Law — a "Living Document”

“Everything is getting more complicated by the second,” said a member of the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board. One of the reasons for the complication was the erosion of our understanding of the law. There once was a time when... next...

Taking a Look at Secularism

Sometimes I feel like Paul Revere. Only that this time I'm riding through the streets of Davidson County screaming with pen and ink, “The secularists are coming! The secularists are coming!” A few of you might get worked up enough... next...

The Divine Trinity

Rev. Johannes G. Vos was pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian (Covenanter) Church in Clay Center, Kansas, when he began writing for Torch and Trumpet. He later became editor of Blue Banner Faith and Life magazine and professor at Geneva College... next...

An Elder Views the Eldership

Mr. Peter Wobbema served as an elder for many years in the Oakdale Park Christian Reformed Church and the Plymouth Heights Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His publishing company printed The Torch and Trumpet (later The Outlook)... next...

In Spirit & Truth: Calvin, Bosec and the Reformation

In 1551—four hundred fifty years ago—a dramatic confrontation occurred in Geneva between John Calvin and Jerome Bolsec over the doctrine of predestination. Today that controversy is largely forgotten, but it was a significant episode... next...

What We Believe: Decreasing God So As to Increase Ourselves – A Critical Review of Gregory A. Boyd’s God of the Possible (Part 1)

Though its importance has not yet registered with many evangelical and Reformed Christians, there is a significant movement afoot to revise substantially the historic Christian understanding of the Triune God. Often termed the “open view”... next...

The Shepherd’s Staff: Letter to Madison Anne

Dear Readers, Some years ago, a friend suggested I write a letter to the children I baptize, to be read some years later when they have grown up. The thought was that the child should know something of the commitment of the church at the time... next...
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