Is it the Lord’s Day?

A question can be read with the emphasis on anyone of the words in a given sentence. The title question can be read: Is it the Lord’s Day?; Is It the Lord’s Day?; Is it the Lord’s Day?; or Is it the Lord’s Day? In this... next...

The Two Essentials of Pastoral Labor (II)

Recent involvement with several wounded believers, grieved by the failure of prominent pastoral leadership in regard to the care of their souls, has underscored for me at a profound level the urgency of what I wrote in the last Update (Vol.... next...

Too Many People Say They Are Too Busy

They almost passed each other in the hallway when one of the men stopped and said, “Hey, are you still in the (one of the ministries of the church)?”, to which the other man said, “Oh, didn’t you know? I quit the ----.”... next...

Many Churches Evade Responsibility for the Poor

When Ebenezer Scrooge meets a group of Londoners collecting for the poor in Charles Dickens, classic “A Christmas Carol,” he dismisses personal responsibility for his fellow men by asking if there are not enough poorhouses and debtors... next...

Applause in Worship

A reader in North Dakota wrote me asking, “When is it appropriate to applaud in church?” This man and his family had noticed in their small, rural church that sometimes the small children were applauded when they presented the special... next...

Hold Your Applause: Sound theology is sometimes as simple as good manners

When I first met her she was a spirited feisty young teenager. I supposed she was born that way. When she was eight years old, her family attended a conference where her father was one of the speakers. One evening there was a musical program... next...

Music in the Church (III): Make Melody in Your Heart

The apostle Paul urged the New Testament church to “make melody in our hearts to the Lord” (Ephesians 5:19). So far in our visits together we have centered our attention upon the structure and appropriateness of the texts and tunes... next...

Who Will Teach “Reach Doc”?

Sometime during the Christian School convention that was held some time ago, someone, I don’t recall who, asked the above question and thereby stirred up a rather animated set of responses. The question was, who is teaching Reformed doctrine... next...

The Hungarian Reformed Church after the “Black Death” of Communism

Having recently participated in a week-long theological conference in Hungary, I had the unique opportunity of interviewing five prominent Reformed Christian ministers about our beloved “Kalvinista Zion.” In my humble opinion, it... next...

Building Men of God (2)

Last month, I wrote to you about building men of God. I promised to show you a plan of action that you could use to develop servant-leaders, men of godly character and keen Biblical minds, husbands who know how to love their wives, pastoral... next...
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