The Shepherd’s Staff: What Are We For?

Usually in this column, I write very practically, reviewing issues of specific re evance for the daily and weekly work of elders and deacons in the Lord's church. It is my prayerful intent to continue to do just that in future issues. Except... next...

Feed My Lambs: Parent “Potters”

Pottery-making is one of the oldest human crafts, one which has remained basically unchanged in procedure throughout the centuries. The potter takes soft clay which will yield to his molding and "throws" it on a wheel which he can turn by means... next...

Book Review: An Enterprising Life

AN ENTERPRISING LIFE, Jay Van Andel. Zondervan Publishing (Harperbusiness), 1998, $24 USA, $32 Canada, 234 pages. Reviewed by John H. Piersma. Readers of The Outlook must wonder why a book of this kind is reviewed in a “journal devoted... next...

What We Believe: Concomitants of the Second Advent New Heaven and New Earth (II)

ALL THINGS MADE NEW Consistent with the biblical emphasis upon the reconciliation of heaven and earth, the future state will be one in which all things, whether in heaven or on earth, will have been renewed. The whole creation, heaven and earth,... next...

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Did you know that there is a pastor in the Triad who is using the book of Nostradarnus as a resource for his preaching? He’s also predicted that the return of Christ will be next year and World War III will commence before the end of this... next...

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Studies in the book of Revelation #14 See What Devastation the Lord Works

Revelation 8:7–13 Often we are amazed at the overwhelming beauty in creation. Here are majestic mountains and surging seas; fertile fields and forests and flowers which grace our gardens. But this is only one half of the story. Soon we... next...

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Studies in the book of Revelation #13 Learning a Little from the Angel

Revelation 8:2–6 Here the writer introduces us once more to the angels. From them we can learn much about how the Lord God delights to be served. Far too often our Christian lives are one~sided. In a devotional book, much esteemed a century... next...

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Studies in the book of Revelation #12 The Surprising Silence in Heaven

Revelation 8:1 Few passages in Scripture seem as surprising as this one. Here throughout the heavenly courts silence reigns. Hardly would we expect this. Heaven, so the Bible teaches, is the place of ceaseless praise. All the angels with the... next...

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Studies in the book of Revelation #11 Heaven’s Courts Resounding with Praises

Revelation 7:9–17 Often the Bible makes astounding statements. At times these even seem to be contradictory. Reflect for a moment on what it teaches about the number of “the saved.” On the one hand we hear that only a few belong... next...

Preparing the Church for the 21st Century

We have been hearing much about the need to prepare for Y2K. Will the computer systems of our country and the world be ready for the dramatic challenges they face as the midnight hour approaches? Industry, banking, service organizations, churches,... next...
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