Making Faces

Resolutely Karen opened the door to the morgue. As private investigator it was her job to have a look at the bodies of murdered clients. This case boggled her. She had not been aware of any threats against Howard’s life. That made her... next...

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Studies in the Book of Revelation – #15 Locusts Out of the Abyss

Revelation 9:1–12 Once when I was about nine, I insisted on accompanying my parents to hear a Dutch professor speak. He was to lecture on the last things. All I really wanted was to escape an early bedtime. After appropriate devotions... next...

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Studies in the Book of Revelation – #16 The War Which Engulfs the World

Revelation 9:12–21 The first “woe” has passed in visionary form! Now we are to learn about the second. It is a war the like of which has never been described on the pages of history. War, of course, has been endemic since the... next...

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Studies in the Book of Revelation – #17 The Angel With the Little Scroll

Revelation 10:1–11 With the apostle we have stood at the boundary between time and eternity. The fifth and sixth trumpets have sounded. Now we think ourselves prepared to learn about the final judgment. Surely sin can not sink to any lower... next...

Why the Double Standard?

By the time you read this the September 1999 headlines of the terrible massacre at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth Texas, will be old news. Nevertheless seven Christians are dead. Gunman Larry Ashbrook shouted profanity and mocked the... next...

The Art of Living Well

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” Psalm 111:10a Decisions. Every day of your life, you’re faced with many of them. Small decisions about whether to buy CocaCola or the cheaper no-name brand. Big decisions about... next...

Preaching that Builds Up the Church

“Preaching should be outlawed!” That’s how the young man put it in his stirring argument against sermons in churches. I was listening in the next aisle at Wanamaker's Department Store in downtown Philadelphia in the mid-1970s.... next...

Feed My Lambs: Build Bridges—Not Walls

We have looked at a variety of ways in which parents can cause their children to harden their hearts against the Lord by their personal conduct: a divided home, making of demands we do not fulfill ourselves, playing favorites, belittling our... next...

The Shepherd’s Staff: Avoiding a Penchant for Judgment

Belle was shattered by the death of her 20-year old son in a motorcycle accident. She had only recently come to faith in Jesus, but her son had not known the Lord, and her grief was deep and relentless. Pouring her heart out to Christ in her... next...

What We Believe: Concomitants of the Second Advent New Heaven and New Earth (III)

LIFE IN THE NEW CREATION If there is substantial continuity between the present and new creation, then it follows that the life to come in the new creation will be as rich and full of activity in the service of the Lord as was intended at the... next...
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