Reclaiming the Meaning of Christmas

Someone recently gave me an article written by a pastor who was bemoaning the fact that the vast majority of Americans have apparently become oblivious to the essence of December 25. He writes a now familiar refrain, “Does it seem that... next...

What About “Special Music”?

Christian believers who are alert to contemporary developments in the area of worship are, undoubtedly, aware of what have come to be known as “worship wars.” Though disputes about Christian doctrine or teaching can become heated,... next...

Standing in the Schoolhouse Door Again

In 1963, Alabama Governor George Wallace stood in a schoolhouse door in a failed attempt to keep blacks from entering. Federal marshals forced the door open. Thirty-seven years later, a Florida judge has effectively stood in the schoolhouse... next...

Your Final Act of Stewardship: What Ever Happened to the Christian Will?

Those of us in the Baby Boomer generation and older can recall hearing the term Last Will and Testament. These were the words identifying the legal document that carried a person’s last words and directives to those left behind. The Last... next...

Feed My Lambs: Reformed Teachers are Different...Right?

Bobby Knight has a rather unique teaching philosophy: He’ll do whatever it takes to get through to his young charges, up to and including yelling at them, swearing at them and even kicking the occasional pupil or two. And for the most... next...

In Spirit & Truth: Jesus Tenting Among Us

One of the most famous statements in John’s gospel is found in John 1:14, “The Word became flesh and tented among us, and we beheld his glory, glory of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” What does the... next...

The Shepherd’s Staff: A Letter to Friend About Spiritual Warfare

Doug and PJ Higby, Wycliffe translation missionaries to the Fulani nomads in Mali, West Africa, are supported by the church I serve. Over the last year, they rejoiced in a wonderful gift of God named Aboubacar, an incredibly brilliant linguist.... next...

Church & World December 2000

The board of Reformed Fellowship and The Outlook was recently honored to receive a request from the Riga Reformed Theological Seminary for permission to translate two of Dr. Venema’s books into the Latvian language: But for the Grace of... next...

Bach’s “Fifth Gospel”: The Enduring Power of Artistic Excellence

Christianity has never had a very strong presence in Japan. In fact, with industrialization, Japan has become one of the most secular nations on earth. But right now, thousands of Japanese are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ in a new, or... next...

Doing Without Marriage

The Netherlands was once staunchly Calvinist, a nation that only a century ago elected the conservative theologian and social reformer Abraham Kuyper to be its head of state. Today, amidst the tulips and historic churches, legal prostitutes... next...
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