Looking Back

There was a time when the average man in the pew hardly knew the meaning of the word “liturgy.” At least not much attention was given to it. Worship services in the Christian Reformed Church were relatively simple and uniform. All... next...

The New Perspective on Paul The Contribution of E. P. Sanders (Part One)

In order to find our way through the thicket of literature on the new perspective on Paul, we must give special attention to the figure of E. P. Sanders. Even though Sanders was not the first to question the older, more traditional understanding... next...

Lift Up Your Hearts!

To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul (Ps 25:1). Where do you turn or seek refuge when the stresses of life pile up too high to bear? Friends? Activities? Quiet times? Does public worship come to mind? If not, maybe a reminder of what worship is... next...

Bible Study A Spiritual Must

As the fall season approaches, we are challenged to renewed efforts in regard to personal and group Bible study. We are daily confronted with the need for such renewed effort. The society in which we live is an increasingly secular one. Gallup... next...

Teen Scene: BUY WHAT?!

Did you know that teens are one of the most sought after groups when it comes to advertising? Yes, teens are the ones that marketers want to make their pitch to. Whether it is Abercrombie & Fitch, Vanilla Coke, Old Navy, MTV, GAP, Mountain Dew,... next...

Work: Curse or Calling?

The Need for a Renewed Vision A song title—“Working for the Weekend.” A restaurant sign— “T.G.I. Friday’s.” An employer’s lament—“It’s so hard to find good help these days.”... next...

Educating our Children Part Two

We have been considering the assertion that State or Public schools ought not to be an option for Reformed parents when sending their children to school. We contended last time that the goal or purpose of State education is wrong. It stands... next...

Introducing the ‘New Perspective on Paul’

While a graduate student in the late 1970’s at Princeton Theological Seminary, I frequently joined students in the departments of theology and biblical studies in a debate regarding the merits of our respective fields of study. Our discussions... next...

Sound Bites Torch and Trumpet 1965

January 1965 “Conservatism is conserving today what was progressivism a quarter of a century ago.” A Choice, Not an Echo Edwin H. Palmer “...basic to sound child training, to missions, to educational theory and practice, yes... next...

Book Review: A Theatre in Dachau

Knoop, Hermanus. A Theatre in Dachau. Translated from the Dutch by A. Petter and Roelof A. Janssen. Neerlandia, AB / Pella, IA: Inheritance Publications, 2001. 143 pp; $14.95 CN, $12.90 US. paperback. After reading this book it is hard to believe... next...
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