Who Dies for a Lost Son?

“...for this brother of yours was dead, and is alive again.” (Luke 15:32b) The First Death and the Son’s Wealth My New Testament professor at seminary taught us to look for surprises in the parables. I see two of them when... next...

Sound Bites Torch and Trumpet 1966

January 1966 “Christ is not preached aright unless His shed blood is emphasized as the only way guilty human beings can find peace with the righteous God. We can never advance beyond the cross; we can never outgrow it and go on to other... next...

Why the Message of the Reformation is Meaningless to Modern Men and Women

At a seminar for pastors one of the speakers, a psychologist, noted that the Reformation movement sparked by Martin Luther assumed that people had a sense of guilt and a deep desire for atonement. He argued that today this is clearly not the... next...

Creating God’s Kingdom Genesis One as Good News

Archaeologist William Dever from the University of Arizona teaches many, many American college students. In his estimation, 90% of his students are ignorant of the Bible and its contents. What is worse, they are not only uninterested in the... next...

An Anniversary Tribute for Rev. Edward J. Knott

On October 19, 2002, Rev. Edward J. Knott, who until recently served as the president of the board of Reformed Fellowship, will observe the 55th anniversary of his ordination as a Minister of the Word and Sacraments. Rev. Knott is a graduate... next...

Athanasius, the Son of God and Salvation

Readers of The Outlook may be familiar with Henry Coray’s, Against the World: The Odyssey of Athanasius (1992). This is a brief (yet commendable), popular, fictionalized biography of the champion of Nicene orthodoxy. Inveterate defender... next...

RYS Convention “Faith to Move Mountains”

RYS Convention draws more than 500 attendees by Ed DeGraaf, Director of Reformed Youth Services From July 15-19, Reformed Youth Services held its 2002 youth convention in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was the first time RYS-member churches... next...

Looking Back

There was a time when the average man in the pew hardly knew the meaning of the word “liturgy.” At least not much attention was given to it. Worship services in the Christian Reformed Church were relatively simple and uniform. All... next...

The New Perspective on Paul The Contribution of E. P. Sanders (Part One)

In order to find our way through the thicket of literature on the new perspective on Paul, we must give special attention to the figure of E. P. Sanders. Even though Sanders was not the first to question the older, more traditional understanding... next...

Lift Up Your Hearts!

To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul (Ps 25:1). Where do you turn or seek refuge when the stresses of life pile up too high to bear? Friends? Activities? Quiet times? Does public worship come to mind? If not, maybe a reminder of what worship is... next...
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