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In A Few Words

With the appearance this issue of The Outlook, we are approaching two major holidays in this country—Thanksgiving Day in November (Canadians already celebrated it in October) and Christmas in December. Both are secular holidays, by which... next...

The Grace of Predestination

When the Remonstrants or followers of Jacobus Arminius wrote their Remonstrance in 1610, they began with the doctrine of predestination, reflecting the language of Ephesians 1: “That God by an eternal and immutable decree has in Jesus... next...


Most of our thoughts about the future are punctuated by question marks. This is true in the short term; we wonder what the rest of this week will be like. But when we think about eternity, our questions multiply. For those who treasure Christ’s... next...

Good News for Postmodern Man

When you hear the word “postmodernism,” what comes to mind? Do you think of a religious pluralism that affirms faiths of every stripe, so long as the subscribers of those faiths admit that all roads lead to heaven? Do you think of... next...

Interview with Dr. Conrad Mbewe

Recently, Dr. Conrad Mbewe spent the weekend ministering at Immanuel Fellowship Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Dr. Mbewe is a Reformed Baptist pastor in Zambia’s Kabwata Baptist Church. He is also chancellor of the African Christian University,... next...

In a Few WORDS

How well do you know the denomination or federation to which you belong? As far as that goes, how well do you know the congregation of which you are a member? Many churches publish an updated church directory on an annual basis, listing not... next...

Are There Really Five Points of Calvinism?

The end of 2018 through the beginning of 2019 will mark the four hundredth anniversary of the Synod of Dort (held November 13–May 29) and its greatest achievement: the Canons of Dort.1 This synod or ecclesiastical assembly of professors,... next...

Missionaries at a Christian College

Recently, a college student confronted an administrator of his university to complain about a chapel message that he described as offensive, micro-aggressive, and victimizing. The student protested that the speaker should have issued a “trigger... next...

2018 RYS Convention

Every year, the last day of the Reformed Youth Service (RYS) convention is comprised of tear-filled goodbyes, mutual promises of shared contact, and a general excitement for the next RYS convention. But among the hugs, kisses, and exchanging... next...
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