The Grace of Satisfaction

The original Remonstrance of 1610 transitioned from eternal predestination to the historical work of Jesus Christ in its second article: “Jesus Christ the Savior of the world died for all men and for every man.” The elderly and respected... next...

In a few WORDS... How to Become Like Jesus

Every child of God wants to be more like Jesus. And, by God’s grace, this actually happens. The name the Bible gives to this process of becoming more Christ-like is “sanctification.” To be sanctified is to become more dedicated... next...

A Spiritual Checkup for the URCNA: Where Are Our Children Going?

The Dutch Reformed have a long and stellar tradition dating back to Dordt and beyond. One concept has been a covenantal understanding of Scripture that is exceptional and unique.1 Central to that understanding has been the family and transmitting... next...

How to Train Your Children to Listen to Sermons

Every pastor receives the question from distraught parents: How can I train my children to listen to sermons? In answering this question, I need to stress that everything I’m about to say is dependent on the Holy Spirit’s blessing.... next...

In a Few WORDS

Deliberate Spiritual Starvation? Why would any reasonable person choose to bypass nutritious food readily available while slowly starving to death? It is almost incomprehensible. Just four miles from the rural Wisconsin home where I grew up... next...

Practical Pieces of Advice Regarding Our Tongues

1. Acknowledge that you have a tongue that is prone to sin. One of my favorite hymns is “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” written by Robert Robinson in 1757 when he was only twenty-two years old. Listen to what he says in the... next...

Faith and Fruit in a Post-Christian World: Hospitality

One of the fascinating tidbits in the historical archives of my home church is a property map of the village of West Sayville, Long Island, dating from the year 1927. The recurring surnames of the property owners tell a story: Dykstra, Van Essendelft,... next...

Why We Work: What Is the Point?

You shuffle into work. Clock in on the outdated computer. Report to your boss. “Morning,” you mutter; she grunts in reply. File. Arrange. Rearrange. Click. Shooo. “Ahggh.” Despite caffeine and a full REM cycle, your blurred... next...

Turning the Reformed Church Outward: The Potential for Side-Door Growth

For years, North American churches have grown through what might be termed front-door growth. Churches worked hard on their street appeal and redesigned worship services that were welcoming and exciting to the unchurched. This approach proved... next...

Book Review – A Colorful Past: A Coloring Book of Church History Rev Phillip Stoffregen

Rev. William Boekestein. A Colorful Past: A Coloring Book of Church History. Illustrated by Naomi Kamphuis. Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2018. Paperback. 88 pages Yes, a review for a coloring book! You may wonder how helpful a... next...
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