Loyalty to which Establishment?

Thomas Vanden Heuvel wrote this article in 1971 when denominational loyalty was beginning to replace loyalty to our God and the Word He has given as authoritative for doctrine and life. Revolution Against “Establishments” An interesting... next...

What We Believe: Decreasing God So As to Increase Ourselves – A Critical Review of Gregory A. Boyd’s God of the possible (Part III)

In two previous articles, I summarized the open view of God advocated by Gregory A. Boyd in his God ofthe Possible and offered a basic criticism of this view. Boyd’s book represents a significant movement within North American evangelicalism,... next...


It was the spring of 1989 when we were asked by the board of Reformed Fellowship to become the new editors of The Outlook, replacing Rev. Peter De Jong. It was a sobering invitation because we knew that issues were heating up in the Christian... next...

Farewell and Welcome

To our members, subscribers, and readers... It is often more comfortable to continue to do things we are accustomed to doing in the same way and in the same context. But it is also true that when change is introduced it can be welcomed and enjoyed.... next...

Four Thoughts for Easter

This Easter meditation was written by the late editor John Vander Ploeg, (formerly editor of The Banner) in March, 1975. A blessed Easter to you! But let's be clear about one thing. That wish can come true only on this condition: that by faith... next...

Reflections on Past Blessings

Fifty years—more than half of a man's life-span. For any religious periodical this should fill our hearts with thanksgiving and praise. How well I remember our first meeting. The second World War had passed with profound changes everywhere.... next...

Fifty Years of Faithfulness: The Witness of The Outlook

Fifty years ago The Outlook—originally called Torch and Trumpet—published its first issue. The lead editorial, simply entitled “Why?”, set forth the aims of the publishers and editors. The magazine would present a Reformed... next...

A Half-Century of Reformed Publication: Torch and Trumpet, The Outlook 1951-2001

In spite of the fact that anyone can do it (all you have to do is hang around long enough), if you get old and survive you might be asked to say something about the 50th anniversary of, say, the Reformed Fellowship and its principal publication,... next...

Is the Psalter “Out of Date”? (Part II)

This article as well as Part I was written in 1969. “Law and Order” was the presidential campaign cry of 1968—and little wonder. As we review the varied spectrum of the events of 1968, we see a year of violence, riot, assassination,... next...

Rev. John Vander Ploeg

It is a pleasure to write a few words concerning the tenure of John Vander Ploeg, my father-in-law, as editor of The Outlook. Rev. Vander Ploeg had served as editor of The Banner from 1956 until his retirement in 1970. After his retirement from... next...
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