2019-3 May June Outlook Digital

Volume 69- Issue 3
Pages 40 pages
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In a Few Words

Rev. Jerome M. Julien

Do You Hear His Footsteps?

Elders and Deacons Are Hospitality Leaders

Rev. William Boekestein

Hospitality is the privilege and responsibility of all God’s children. So how should elders and deacons serve as leaders and exemplars in this high calling?

A Spiritual Checkup for the URCNA (8) Why Are Our Children Leaving?

Rev. Paul T. Murphy 

In my last article I asked the question “Where are our children going?” Then I noted the current phenomenon of losing our covenant youth to non-Reformed churches. This time I want to explore the question “Why?” 

Faith and Fruit in a Post-Christian World: Identity

Mr. Michael R. Kearney

It is time to re-examine the beauty of the Christian doctrine of identity so that we might invite wanderers in the desert of self-definition to drink from the river of life.

Three Ways Adult Children Can Honor Their Mothers

Rev. Brian G. Najapfour

What does it mean to honor our mothers and how can we honor them? This article helps us answer these questions. 

My Father-in-law’s Advice to Me 

Rev. Brian G. Najapfour

This article deals with one of the most common things that fathers regret before they die.  

The Book of Esther (4)

Dr. Norm De Jong 

Esther 6 – Chapter 6: The Turning of the Tide 

Esther 7 – Chapter 7: Radical Transformations

IRBC’s 6th and 7th Steps of Counseling (Part 4) (19)

Dr. Jeff Doll 

IRBC’s 6th step of counseling is Provide Hope. The 7th and final step is Assign Homework.

My Visit to the Avon Park 

Correctional Facility

Dr. Norm De Jong 

A lecture opportunity almost thwarted!  Someone tried to prevent my entry, but the Lord opened doors.  

The Flower of Faith: Dry or Drowning?

Mrs. Elisabeth Bloechl 

As Christians, we sometimes wonder if we really are. Why do we do we lack assurance of salvation–is it even worth having? If it is, how do we gain it and what benefits will we derive from it? 

What Is Reformed Evangelism?

Mr. Gerry Wisz 

What makes Reformed evangelism uniquely Reformed is simple: biblical evangelism is Reformed evangelism.


Mrs. Nancy Moelker

Vacationing in the U.P. at a somewhat rustic, very quiet resort owned by the nicest ,

most helpful couple prompted the words to this poem.

Patient in Adversity

Dr. Harry Arnold

Believers often suffer hurtful trials in life, even though they may live in obedience to God’s law.  Is God still teaching them anything at such times? Read the article on page 33  for an answer.

Book Review

Mr. Charles Ray McNinch

The Future of Everything - Essential Truths about the End Times, by William Boekestein

Book Review

Rev. Jerome Julien

Bible Studies on Jacob, Genesis 25–29, and God’s Ambassadors: The Westminster Assembly and the Reformation of the English Pulpit, 1643–1653

Book Review

Mr. Myron Rau

Calvin on Scripture and Divine Sovereignty, by Professor John Murray

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