The Song of Mary

And Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoiced in God my Savior.” Luke 1:46–47 As the lights of the Christmas season begin to fill the countryside, we do well to remember the promises that God has given... next...

A Multitude of Counselors: Benefits of Reading Books About the Bible

It seems everyone has an opinion to publish these days, and with the advent of social media, everyone has a venue for getting it in print. In the past, only material that had made the editorial cut would be circulated more broadly in books or... next...

Fiction’s Delight and Truth

How do you view fiction? Simply as mindless amusement? A waste of time better spent studying Scripture or reading edifying nonfiction? Or do you appreciate excellent fiction for the ways it generates delight and proclaims truth? The biblical... next...

Growing Healthy Children: An Alternative to Provocative Parenting

Mr. and Mrs. Jones walked into the counselor’s room with smug looks on their faces. They almost let the door slam in the face of their early-teenage son Sam and his younger sister Emma. As the family sat down, the parents locked eyes on... next...

2015 RYS Convention

Reformed Youth Services (RYS) might well be regarded as one of best things going for the United Reformed Churches in North America. RYS membership of nearly one hundred churches also includes churches from the Christian Reformed Church, Orthodox... next...

Professing Tweens: Of Worldlings, Hebrews, and Young Christians (2) He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Devils love young people. For breakfast. First thing. Want to make a great start to a devil’s day? Serve him up a tween. He relishes every part of the baptized and raised-to-be-Christian youth. A bicep, a thigh, an eye. Especially their... next...

California Colloquium - May 2014

Summary of the Doctrine of the Covenants: A URCNA Perspective Cornelis P. Venema and W. Robert Godfrey May 2014 Introduction We have been asked by the CERCU of the URCNA to address the question whether our federations’ (URCNA and CaRCs)... next...

Unity Among Brothers and Sisters

For several years the United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA) and the Canadian Reformed Churches (CanRef) have been discussing a merger of churches. The two federations currently have ecumenical relations which allow them to do a variety... next...

Why the PJCO Won’t Work

Following the fall 2014 meeting of URC Classis Pacific Northwest, it was clear that the landscape with regard to unity discussions between the United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA or URC) and the Canadian Reformed Churches (CanRC)... next...

California Covenant Conversation

Introduction On a hot summer night in Visalia, California, four men sat down together for a theological conversation, a colloquium. The night was June 4, 2014. The discussion, or colloquium, took place in the middle of the schedule of the Synod... next...
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