Prepare the Way

“And he came into all the country about Jordan, preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins.” (Luke 3:3) The third chapter of Luke introduces us to the work of John the Baptist. John was a cousin to Jesus, born... next...

Joseph The Husband of Mary

If we were to look closely at Joseph, the husband of Mary, the quality of his life and character would soon reveal themselves. We witness first his compassion, then his obedience to the revealed Word of the Lord, and finally, his faithfulness... next...

Islam Versus the Christian Concept of Freedom -- Who Truly is Free?

Most people will agree that freedom is a precious possession. Freedom is said to be worth more than all the treasures on earth. It is of such high value that one must be ready to give his life for it. When we hear freedom so highly praised,... next...

URCNA Classis Summary Classis Michigan

On October 10, 2006, the twenty-second meeting of Classis Michigan began. It was a beautiful, sunny, autumn day. For many, the drive to Walker United Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan was a spectacle of God’s work in creation.... next...

Bible Studies on Jacob Lesson 7: The Struggle for Covenant Children

Read Genesis 29:31–30:24 Introduction God’s providence led Jacob to his relatives in Paddan-Aram. He comes to a well where the shepherds know his uncle Laban, then his lovely cousin Rachel “just happens” to come along,... next...

Bible Studies on Jacob Lesson 8: Jacob Aquires Great Wealth

Read Genesis 30:25–43 Introduction The covenant promise had been that God would be with His people, He would create seed (people, a nation) and provide land (place to call home) for that seed. But He had also promised to increase the blessings... next...

Book Reviews ...just in time for Christmas

Alcock, Deborah. By Far Euphrates: a Tale on Armenia in the 19th Century. Neeriandia, AB, Pella, IA: Inheritance Publications, 2002. 274 pp. $14.95CN, $12.95 US, paperback. Reviewed by Rev. J. Julien. Recently a copy of an essay by Rev. A. A.... next...

Breadwinner Blessings

“Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in His ways” (Psalm 128:1) Back in high-school, I worked part-time at a restaurant. One of my jobs at the end of the night was to take inventory. I was responsible to determine what was... next...

Can We Welcome Muslims as Fellow Believers in the One True God?

Under the banner of religious pluralism, many seem to downplay all real differences among religions. They claim disputes among the different “ways” of salvation are pointless. Christ may be called the one way to the Father, but He... next...

True Worship, Our Response to Grace

Worship is the response of man to the initiative of God in grace. We see this in the life of Abraham. The Lord sovereignly bestowed a word of grace, a promise of the heavenly country through the shadow and type of the land of Palestine (Hebrews... next...
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