1951 Torch and Trumpet April – May


Why another magazine? That question is being asked by many. We wish to give a definite answer to that perfectly natural question. A second question is being asked. Why are two magazines coming out at the same time? People are wondering if the... next...

Shelter and Security

A Psalm of the Sheltered Life Multitudes today are sheltered-conscious! Shelter from the A-Bomb! Shelter from the H-Bomb! William Faulkner, on his way to Stockholm last December to receive the Nobel prize, paused in New York City long enough... next...

How Our Thinking has Changed

GENERAL OBSERVATIONS We are living in a truly wonderful age. During the last few decades man has greatly increased his knowledge of the physical universe and his control over it. Although we may justly view with alarm our meager progress in... next...

The Word Under Fire

I. A Dangerous Attack Self-Contradictions In The Bible is the title of the book. Do not ask me to the name of the publisher, for instead of mentioning one author and one publishing house, I would have to list a score or more. In the course of... next...

Pastoral Psychiatry

A young lady of some twenty-three years of age is deeply depressed. She can see no light and she has no hope. She feels she hasn’t a friend in the world. Even God is no longer her friend, the young woman feels, and the name of Christ her... next...

The Covenant is the Answer!

Victor Hugo once said, “Nothing in this world is so powerful as an idea whose time has come”. The covenant idea born in the “mind” of God, effected with Adam at the very dawn of history, and in active operation ever since,... next...

Christ and Culture

Chrislus en Cultuur, by Dr. K. Schilder, Published by T. Wever, Franeker, 1948. 119 pages. A Difficult Problem There are as many cultural credos. Almost, as there life men in this world. Even we Christians are at sea We differ both as to the... next...

The Covenant Idea In the Reformed Churches

The Reformed churches constitute one of the large and influential families of the historic Christian church. Taking their rise in the reformatory movements in German and French speaking Switzerland, they spread first of all to such neighboring... next...
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