Outlook Writers

Articles to be considered for publication must not have been published previously in another publication where a copyright is involved. 

Articles that are submitted should not promote ideas that conflict with traditional Reformed beliefs or are directly critical of another Christian faith or person. 

Reformed Fellowship, Inc. prefers that articles be submitted in a MS Word document and that said documents be no more than 2300 words.

All articles accepted for printing will become the property of Reformed Fellowship, Inc. and may not be reprinted in any fashion without prior written permission from Reformed Fellowship, Inc. 

All articles are to be submitted two months in advance of the next issue of The Outlook and should include a one or two-line synopsis of each. 

Reformed Fellowship, Inc. reserves the right for the editor to publish an accepted article in an issue of his/her choosing. 

To give proper author acknowledgement, Reformed Fellowship requests a personal bio be included along with the submitted article.  Said bios should include your name, position, church, and e-mail. 

Authors are requested to provide a current mailing address along with the article so that remuneration for article can be made after the article has been published.