Breadwinner Blessings

“Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in His ways” (Psalm 128:1) Back in high-school, I worked part-time at a restaurant. One of my jobs at the end of the night was to take inventory. I was responsible to determine what was... next...

Can We Welcome Muslims as Fellow Believers in the One True God?

Under the banner of religious pluralism, many seem to downplay all real differences among religions. They claim disputes among the different “ways” of salvation are pointless. Christ may be called the one way to the Father, but He... next...

True Worship, Our Response to Grace

Worship is the response of man to the initiative of God in grace. We see this in the life of Abraham. The Lord sovereignly bestowed a word of grace, a promise of the heavenly country through the shadow and type of the land of Palestine (Hebrews... next...

Bernardus Smytegelt

In his monumental book, Netherlanders in America, Henry S. Lucas states that almost every Netherlander who came to America during the 1840s and 1850s carried with him some work by one of the following “old writers:” Smytegelt, Brakel,... next...

The New Testament Evidence Regarding Paedocommunion (Part Four)

In our introduction to the New Testament evidence that might have a bearing upon the question whether children of believing parents should be admitted to the Lord’s Table, we observed that this question is not directly addressed in any... next...

Book Review Hope for the Southern World: Impacting Societal Problems in the Non-Western World

Hope for the Southern World: Impacting Societal Problems in the Non-Western World by Timothy M. Monsma, PhD. Published by CCW Books, Loveland CO. Reviewed by Thomas C. Vanden Heuvel. Dr. Timothy Monsma makes a very helpful contribution to the... next...

Indian Idolatry in Every Heart

Bangalore, the city where I spent most of my time on a summer mission project, is in the south-central part of India. It resides on a plateau, which makes the weather perfect — it is in the 70s-80s the whole summer! Ban-galore is one of... next...
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