The Bronze Altar

“The priest shall make atonement for him in regard to his sin which he has committed, and he shall be forgiven.” Leviticus 4:35b For five hundred years the children of Israel had lived in Egypt as strangers in a strange land. During... next...

Amandus Polanus on Sanctification/Regeneration

Modern Reformed Christians may be surprised to hear in Belgic Confession, Article 24 that faith regenerates. Similarly, John Calvin’s third chapter of Book III of the Institutes of the Christian Religion is also called “Regeneration... next...

Bible Studies on Joseph and Judah Lesson 15: Pharaoh Directs Israel to Move

Read Genesis 45:16-28 Introduction: reconciliation after testing Joseph reveals himself to his stunned brothers. When the reality dawns upon them that they have been dealing all this time with their very own brother Joseph, the scene becomes... next...

Bible Studies on Joseph and Judah Lesson 16: Israel Moves to Goshen

Read Genesis 46:28 – 47:12 Introduction: all Israel moves The book of Exodus tells the story of how God brings His people out of Egypt and sets them on the journey toward the Promised Land. The stories in these chapters of Genesis, on... next...

Examining the Exploration of Ethics A Review of Exploring Ethics

Published by Christian Schools International 2006 People who study and write on the application of Biblical principles to complex issues facing us in everyday life are called ethicists. Their field of study is called ethics. Christians engage... next...

Examining the Nine Points: The Introduction (III)

Synod affirms that the Scriptures and confessions teach the doctrine of justification by grace alone, through faith alone and that nothing that is taught under the rubric of covenant theology in our churches may contradict this fundamental doctrine.... next...

The Character of the Church’s Creeds (I)

WHAT IS the character of the standards of a Reformed church, a church which aims at being a confessing church in the world by proclaiming the truth of God’s Word? This question demands a composite answer. Such an answer has been provided... next...
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